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The right approach to problem dog behavior has never been this personal, accessible, or affordable. When you call Dog Problems 911 you’ll speak directly with a dog training and behavior professional who will listen to your story, answer your questions, assess your situation, and provide you with customized step by step instructions on the best way to meet your goals.

All of Dog Problems 911 recommendations are arrived at holistically. If there is a single driving force behind our clients’ success, its this. There is never a predetermined way to achieve success, no single course or method is better than another. The right way for your dog will always present itself once the situation is understood. Take the basic obedience school model for example. People often derive little or no long term benefit from attending obedience classes because the content of the class is predetermined, the learning method is compartmentalized and in most cases, inflexible. Teaching the same things in the same way to every person over and over dog doesn’t go nearly far enough. We have noticed that approximately 70% of people believe attending an obedience class is the best path to having an obedient dog and come away from the experience disappointed.

There are as many factors in the development of good and bad habits in dogs as there are differences between lifestyles. A dog is constantly reacting to external factors that combine with individual character to form what we refer to as “Dog Reality”. Similar to writing on the pages of a book, a dog’s story begins with instinct and character and evolves over time as pages and chapters unfold to form habits and patterns of behavior. Becoming keenly aware of the different elements that make up reality for your dog is the very first step we take toward helping you help your dog.



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